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General Information


School Hours
School begins at 8.55am and finishes at 2:45pm with lunch from 1:00-1:45pm. No children are permitted at school until 8:30am unless arrangements have been made with the Principal. Parents will be consulted when considering changes to these hours.

The school is arranged in three Planning Teams - Junior, Middle and Senior - each led by a Senior Teacher. These teams will be doing similar programmes of work.

Newsletters are sent home on a monthly basis with additional news-sheets being distributed as required. You can also hear weekly messages and reminders on our telephone system by pushing 4.

Each classroom has a telephone. You may phone with urgent messages directly to your child in their classroom. If you wish to speak to a teacher please do so before 9:00am and after 2:45pm, or at lunchtime. Every class has an e-mail address if you wish to communicate in this way. We appreciate two-way communication and look forward to hearing from you often during the year.

At Manurewa South School we are very conscious that children arrive and leave school safely. We urge parents to ensure that their children are always at school unless they are ill. Please phone the Absence Line (push 2) to leave messages or send a note to school. Any absences of three days or more requires a doctor's certificate. The school will contact parents if there are repeated absences.

School Donations
School donations are optional however they are necessary to assist us to provide learning resources and materials and programmes for your children to the highest possible standard. The amount is set by the board of trustees every year.
          $45.00 for a single child
          $70.00 for two or more children

If children require medication during the day this must be taken to the office. Parents are required to fill in an information/permission slip for this.

Leaving Grounds
Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours without permission from the Principal or Assistant Principals.

School assemblies are held each Monday at 10.00am. Parents are very welcome to attend. Changes will be advertised in the newsletter and on our telephone messages.

Homework will vary from class to class. We expect children to get into good routines and do homework regularly. The aim is for parents to share and enjoy the homework. Teachers will send out an information letter at the beginning of each year. This will also be available to new parents throughout the year.

Cultural Groups
The school has strong Maori and Polynesian Cultural groups. opportunity is given to all children to be part of these groups, although from time to time a performing group is specially selected

All stationery packs, along with uniforms, are available from the school. Order forms are given at the beginning of each year or when children commence at the school.

A lunch scheme will operate from the school. More information can be obtained from the office.

We have a positive approach to discipline in the school, however, we also have a belief that every child must feel safe and secure and happy to be at school. Our rules are simple:
- Do as you are asked when you are asked and follow instructions
- Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
- No teasing, swearing or name calling
We follow the non-crisis intervention system. Parents are advised when there is a concern. We ask parents to support us in maintaining a positive tone in the school. Further information is available on request.

Board of Trustees
This school has a very active and supportive governing body. They meet every month in the Board Room at school. Dates can be obtained from the office.

Friends of the School
This Association meets regularly to provide a link between home and school. They also assist with social events and fundraising.